Your Magic mind

Your conscious mind is your amazing goal setter, but thats just the tip of the iceberg


The best way to get a result is to align all 3 levels.

Our conscious mind, one eighth of the iceberg, is a huge part of our human awareness. It’s the obvious part of our thinking mind. Our experience of life is made relevant by our conscious thinking of what is happening. Ten people in the same situation could be having 10 slightly different or vastly varying experiences. Why is that?


The answer lies under the water line, under conscious awareness. It lies in our subconscious mind which is the storehouse. The seven eighths where all our memories, operating functions and genetic coding is stored. Everything it takes to make your eyes sparkle and your hair shine. Our subconscious mind sets the tone for how we relate to, how we react or respond to our life experiences. It is enormously important therefore to create a positive and empowering communication between both these levels of your mind.

The iceberg floats in the ocean. The ocean is boundless consciousness. Popular names such as collective unconscious, source, the universe, the field of potential. At this level we are plugging into vast potential. It’s interesting to remember that the iceberg is made of water. Many books have been written about the power available to humanity when we tap into this level of awareness.

Knowing that our mind operates on all three levels is an incredibly useful thing to know if we want to influence ourselves wisely. Advertisers know this and they use it to sell us “stuff” Good stuff, not so good stuff and bad stuff.

Example: A fizzy drinks company appeals to our conscious mind by telling us about their product. They ramp up the adverts power by linking it to Santa Claus and Christmas time. “Holidays are coming”.  Which for most of us will have a strong subconscious warm fuzzy glow feel factor. The adverts stimulate our senses and our memories and are put out all over the world.  Out into mass consciousness.

“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn how to surf”  Jon Kabat Zinn


In order to surf the waves of life we need to take command of all three levels of our mind. We need to know how to align with our hopes, dreams and desires. We need to know how to assertively influence our Conscious, Subconscious and Super conscious mind. We also need to know how to stop ourselves from being influenced by organisations who have the resources to make strong waves.  Therapeutic Hypnosis can hold the key.


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