Whatever issue is dragging you down we will use Advanced Hypnosis Techniques to work effectively with all 3 levels of your amazing mind to put an end to your suffering and reclaim your self belief and your self confidence.

The Model of The Mind as an Iceberg

PrintYour conscious mind is that part of your thinking that is visible to you. That part of your awareness that allows you to think about all the ins and the outs and ups and downs of your life.  Some might call it your monkey mind.  Lets say about one eighth of your mind.

Your subconscious mind is where the majority of your mind exists, home to a wonderful store house of resourcefulness.  Like an iceberg your subconscious mind may not be visible to you but it is there!  Just underneath the surface of your awareness lives the other fabulous seven eighths of your mind.  Exciting untapped resources for you to explore.

That’s not all! Your mind and your life experience can be supported and in tune with boundless consciousness. Meditating monks, scientific genius’ and creative people have known this for centuries.  Exciting!  The iceberg is supported by the ocean and the iceberg is made from the same properties as the ocean.  You can access boundless consciousness!  I am very experienced and highly qualified in regression hypnosis which include the specialised fields of PLR and LBL hypnosis.

Hypnosis will assist you to make the best use of all three levels of your mind.  I invite you to be curious and take some simple steps forward with me on your adventure of discovery!










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