5 Tips To Lighten The Load

Imagine This: Yaay!  It is holiday time.  You take off the giant ruck sac of your daily routine, weekly obligations, work and family pressures.  Wow!  It really feels good doesn’t it?  To take that Big Bag off your shoulders.  You can leave that heavy ruck sac in the hall and off you go with your holiday bag – Phew!

What a relief. Your holiday bag has exciting things in it like: Sun cream, books, your new frock, hopes and optimism for your two week adventure ahead.  Hopefully you have a lovely holiday, even if it takes you a week to unwind!  You start to feel free, inspired lighter.  You remember what it is like to wake up and look forward to the day.  You are truly enjoying your family, your friends, your self – life feels good.

Then home you come.  You unpack your holiday bag, do your washing, say hello to your cat, enjoy the feeling of familiar surrounding with your holiday freshness still intact.  AND THEN   Monday morning arrives.  Do you put the exact same Big Heavy Bag back on your shoulders.  It has been waiting stoically in the hall for you.  Full of all the same “Stuff”. Inside there is a groan.  It’s time to pick up exactly where you left off.

Is your bag too big?  Could you have a sort through and make it lighter?

5 Tips To Lighten The Load

  • Be brave and be honest with yourself acknowledge how you are feeling.  A reality check leads to clarity.
  • Be kind and compassionate with yourself.  Scolding doesn’t make anyone feel good, least of all you.
  • Decide on one area that you would most like to make a positive shift in.
  • Make a commitment with yourself that this shift matters to you and this time next year it will be one less thing to worry about in your Big Bag.
  • Smile.  Human beings thrive when we are growing.  Committing to change is exciting!

Bouncing back doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Using hypnosis you can get into the zone for changing effectively and with long lasting benefits.






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