Fear of Flying

A clients story of flying freely

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help.  You worked miracles!  I took the flights with no bother and had the most amazing trip!  Thanks to you my world is definitely my oyster” Lauren

Here is a snippet of Laurens story.

This wonderful young woman had developed a fear of flying when she was in her early 20’s.  Before that she had flown easily and happily.

 For privacy sake I won’t go into the details of the events that turned her flying nerves up side down.  In a nutshell though on a particular work trip abroad there was a lot of personal emotional turbulence going on inside for Lauren.   This led to ruminating on unhelpful thoughts at the airport, on the plane and also for most of the trip.   Needless to say that flight was very uncomfortable and scary for Lauren.  In fact the fretting continued while away and adding to this, was now, the worry about the return flight.

A classic set up for a phobic response.  Strong Emotions consistently felt compounded by lack of soothing available and the scene for future fear is set!

But what keeps it alive?

What makes the difference between brushing it off or making it stick?

What makes it set hard like concrete in our psyche so that we become afraid?

What is it that sabotages?

Ironically the main culprit is one of our greatest assets!

The saboteur is actually a fantastic ally!

In fact the truth is so simple you’ll laugh when I tell you!

Here’s Sponge Bob to tell you (be patient while it loads it’s worth it!)

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Your subconscious mind is amazing! You can turn yours into your greatest asset and conquer your fears!

(Names always used by permission)


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